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The Tavern of Hotel Colonna, in addition to enriching the interior of the hotel, allows all our customers to spend their evenings in peace or in the company of friends.

It is open to all, not only for hotel guests! It is ideal for the organization of a private party to be able to enjoy the company of their friends taking advantage of the atmosphere and proximity to the center of Padua, which is just a few minutes.

The Tavern is a warm, comfortable with a wood burning fireplace that warms the winter all the customers and turns out to be surprisingly cool in the summer, then it becomes the place to be able to drink a glass of wine or a beer with friends.

We also organize parties for sports teams, theme nights, and you can also dine in the restaurant with meat or fish or simply enjoy the buffet service which is more convenient and faster for the holidays with more people.

We remind you that Hotel Colonna is in the vicinity of the firms operating in the surrounding areas in the vicinity of Padua Albignasego, therefore, the Tavern is the perfect place for business meetings or meetings between different companies

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